Freedom Trial 2021

Riders List

Connor Allan
Craig Asbridge
Peter Bald
Chris Barnett
Bryan Bayes
Jamie Britcliffe
Ossy Byers
Lewis Byron
John Chartom
Steven Corry
David Coughlan
Stuart Crayk
Alan Crayk
Ray Cummings
Mark Curry
Ashleigh Davison
Neil Dawson
Iain Duffus
Craig Eaton
Willie Evans
John Garrioch
Matthew Giblin
Wullie Gillespie
Scott Gordon
Joel Gowan
Mick Grant
Dave Hamblin
Neil Hebdon
Jonathan Heeley
Andy Hipwell
Jim Hough
Steve Hughes
Robert James
Hamish Jamieson
Graham Knight
Richard Lound
mark Lucas
Robin Luscombe
Gary Macdonald
John Macfarlane
Paul Martin
Gary McLennan
Eric Mcmeekin
Alastair McNaughton
Michael McNiven
Andy Minns
Mike Minns
Calum Murphy
Stephen Murphy
Tyler Murphy
Steven Mycock
Jeremy Newbury
Ryan Newbury
Brian Nichol
Richard Nicolson
Paul Norman
John Norrie
Paul Paterson
Andy Potts
Jacob Potts
Calum Proctor
Janice Proctor
Derek Ramsay
Craig Robertson
Willie Robertson
Butch Robson
Andrew Rose
Kevin Shanks
Carl Shaw
Ian Shedden
Barry Siddle
Grant Smith
Brett Stein
Brad Stein
Ross Thomson
Ian Thomson
Lee Tinney
Darren Walker
Cameron Wallace
Alan Wallace
Colin Ward
Thomas Weir
Robbie Weir
Kevin White
Calum Winter
Alan Winter
Gary Younghusband

To be held on Sunday 6th June 2021 in Kinlochleven

Permit No. 21/208

Our Freedom Trial is a National Restricted Trial for Britshock / Twinshock, open to holders of 2021 Licences issued by the SACU or ACU. Due to coronavirus regulations no overseas entries can be considered, other than from MCUI licence holders. Event Licences are available. Contact the Club Secretary for information.

 The trial will be held under relevant Covid-19 Government Guidelines so may be subject to cancellation at short notice. Entry


Individuals who are displaying Covid-19 symptoms (namely high temperature or a new, continuous cough) should not attend the event. Any person displaying symptoms will be respectfully asked to leave.


 VENUE:  Registration and Start will be The Ice Factor, Kinlochleven, PH50 4SF

TIME:      Sign on from 9.00 am                   10.30 am start

COURSE:  There will be three laps, each of 15 sections, approximately 4 miles each  around the village, all on private ground.  

Respecting social distancing requirements riders will go off in groups of five, leaving every five minutes. Riders are asked to consider this group as their ‘bubble’ and not to mix outside of that group. The entry form allows for requesting companion riders.

OFFICIALS: Clerk of the Course                   Tam Weir

                    Asst Clerks of the Course         Jim Tennant, Graham Law

                    SACU Steward                          David Byron

                    Club Steward                            Martin Murphy

                    Environmental Officer              Willie Robertson

                    Observers Marshall                  Lorna Brackenridge

                    Secretary of the Meeting         David Dougan                                                                     

SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS.      ( please read carefully )

1.       Method of deciding ties will be in accordance with TSR 25.

2.       Marking will be in accordance with TSR 22 - Non stop.

3.       All sections must be ridden in number order on all laps.   

4.       Rider Numbers will be allocated as per the time the application was received by the Club Secretary

5.       Riders will set off in 5 per 5 minute intervals, in numerical order. Riders who wish to ride together MUST enter together to ensure sequential numbering.  Start times will be published on the KDMCC website.

6.       Riders MUST keep to the flagged route.  Any rider caught breaking this rule, will be excluded immediately. 

7.       Sections will be closed by  back marker. The time limit will be 6 hours. There will be a 1 point-per-minute penalty for riders taking longer than 6 hours.

8.       Registration Card / Competition Licence / Repatriation Insurance MUST be shown when signing on.

9.       Closing date for entries, Monday 10 May or sooner if limit is reached.  (no late entries).

10.   All entry fees (£20 adults, £15 youth) include a NON REFUNDABLE administration deposit of £10. No refunds of ANY entry fees will be possible if riders withdraw from the competition after 27 May 2021.

11.   Helmet or Body Cameras are NOT ALLOWED (cf: SACU Bulletin February 2016). Cameras attached to the machine are permitted, subject to permission from the Clerk of the Course.

12.   I confirm that I am not currently suspended from ACU/SACU permitted competition or on the ACU/SACU Stop List as a result of incurring a concussion injury. I shall notify the Club should I incur such a suspension or concussion injury between now and this event.

13.   All bikes must be as per factory: NO DISC BRAKES: tubeless tyres are allowed.

14.   Please check for any FINAL INSTRUCTIONS on the day.

15.   Please do not leave any litter.

16.   No Bikes are allowed to follow the trial. This will jeopardize any future use of the ground and is a strict instruction from the Landowners, on whom we depend.  Please adhere to this, to ensure our future use of the ground.  

17.   Any rider found practising on any part of the course which lies on private ground will be disqualified.

18.   Lunches are not provided.

All enquiries - please contact Tam Weir, Clerk of the Course.

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