Results of the Open to Scotland Trial, 31 March 2024

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1st Place - Gary Macdonald
2nd Place - Michael McNiven
3rd Place - Philip Baxter

Britshock Award Winners:

1st place – Gary Macdonald
2nd place - Lewis Byron
3rd place - Gareth Palmer

Twinshock Award Winners:

1st place – Philip Baxter
2nd place - Alan Crayk
3rd place - Scott Gordon

Pre 2000 Monoshock Award Winners:

1st place – Michael McNiven
2nd place - Chris Garlick
3rd place - Colin Barrie

Modern Award Winners:

1st place – Allister Stewart
2nd place - James Black
3rd place - Brett Stein

Youth A Award Winners:

1st place – Harry Adamson
2nd place - Alfie Watson
3rd place - Mitch Smith

Rider Table and Results

Below is the table of results. Any queries should be directed to Davie Dougan, Club Secretary.

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