The 2021 Leven Valley 2 Day Trial - 25th and 26th September

Riders List for the 2021 Leven Valley 2 Day Trial

The list of successful entries for the Leven Valley 2 Day is published below. Congratulations to those who were successful and we’re sorry to disappoint the many who didn’t succeed in the ballot. As you know, there was an exceptionally large application for places at the trial – 367 to be exact – and with having a limit of 250 rider many were sadly going to miss out. Once the ballot for entries was finished we had a second ballot to pick a reserve list of 50 riders. Those reserve riders have been notified by e-mail and if any of the successful 250 have to drop out reserves will be chosen at random from the reserve list. If you received a letter indicating you had been unsuccessful in the ballot and no mention was made on being a reserve then, unfortunately, you’ve been unlucky this year.

 We are gratified and humbled that we received so many applications and we wish we could run a trial for everyone, but of course that would not be possible. Thank you for your understanding that from those 367 entries many will inevitably be unsuccessful and therefore disappointed, and thank you for your support of the club over the past years.

 A trial of this size requires a lot of help so if you have missed out but would like to still be part of the weekend, please consider helping out in some way – we need observers, marshals, etc. Contact Lorna Brackenridge (07469 170824) to discuss what might be possible.

Riders List

Allan Adamsom
Grant Adamson
Eddie Aitkin
Javier Aldecoa
Scott Alexander
Euan Allan
Ross Allen
Philip Allen
Richard Allen
Vicki Anderson
Simon Anderson
Pedro Andres
Thomas Austin
George Austin
Jack Austin
Peter Bald
Marc Baste
Enric Baste
Bryan Bayee
Frederic Bergada
Gary Bingley
Andrew Bingley
Andrew Black
James Black
Tim Blackmore
Lawrence Blackwood
Jamie Britcliffe
Alan Brown
Andrew G Brown
Barry Burton
Jack Butterworth
Ben Butterworth
Ossy Byers
Lewis Byron
Scott Callaghan
Roger Callaghan
Scott Cameron
Andrew Chandler
Kevin Chapman
John Charlton
Dan Clark
Steve Colley
Javier Conde
Callum Cook
Stevie Corry
David Coughlan
Alan Crayk
Stuart Crayk
Ray Crinson
Alastair Crocket
Ray Cummings
Mark Curry
Jon Cushing
Ashleigh Davison
Neil Dawson
Gary Daykin
Andrew Dennis
Paul Dennis
Kenneth Drummond
Iain Duffus
Craig Eaton
Ross Edgar
Stuart Edgar
Andrew Ellis
Carlos Errando
Dale Farquhar
Alan Fender
Gary Fleckney
Jon Gamble
John Garrioch
Christopher Gascoigne
Matthew Giblin
Martin Gilbert
Wullie Gillespie
Steve Gollings
Rob Goodwin
Scott Gordon
Joel Gowan
Mick Grant
Graham Greaves
Chris Greenwood
Nigel Greenwood
Chris Haigh
Ian Haigh
Alan Halford
John Hamblin
Megan Hamblin
Dave Hamblin
Kiaran Hankin
Owen Hardisty
Neil Hebdon
David Heys
Paul Heys
Richard Hildrick
Andy Hipwell
Steve Hitchcock
Dan Hodgson
Ben Hodgson
Phillip Hodgson
Sam Holdsworth
John Holdsworth
Jim Hough
Llia Hug
Steve Hughes
Mike Irving
Mark Jackson
Paul Jackson
Jose Carlos Jimenez Palacios
Scott Johnston
Andrew King
Stuart Lambert
Iain Lamont
Daniel Lamont
Justin Law
Danny Littlehales
Richard Lound
Mark Lucas
Robin Luscombe
Harry Lyons
Gary Macdonald
Donald Macdonald
Calum Macdonald
Duncan Macdonald
John Macfarlane
Ross Mackay
Murdo Macphail
Angel Magriña
Brent Main
Tony Martin
John Maxfield
Jamie Mcanespie
Shaun Mcanespie
Ian Mcanespie
Jim Mcfarlane
Jamie Mcfarlane
Eric Mcmeekin
Alastair Mcnaughton
Michael Mcniven
Gavin Milne
Andy Minns
Mike Minns
Gerry Minshall
Duncan Mitchell
John Moffat
Steven Moffat
Chris Monkman
Stephen Moody
Paul Morris
Scott Mulligan
Tyler Murphy
Stephen Murphy
David Murphy
Calum Murphy
Steven Mycock
Ian Myers
Richard Neaves
Martyn Nelson
Brian Nichol
John Nichol
Andrew Nicholson
Alan Nicklin
Richard Nicolson
James Noble
Paul Norman
John Norrie
Brian O Halloran
Ken Oates
Robin Oliphant
Patrick Palmer
Gareth Palmer
Mel Parkin
Paul Paterson
Martin Peirson
Ignasi Pellicé
Pere Planas
Esteban Poch
Rich Pool
David Postlethwaite
James Postlethwaite
Andy Potts
Jacob Potts
Neil Proctor
Sean Radcliff
Derek Ramsay
Jamie Reid
James Reid
Chris Riley
Craig Robertson
Butch Robson
Andrew Rose
Daniel Ruscoe
Leo Salvadori
Paul Salvadori
Joan Pere Santuré
Glen Scholey
Andrew Scott
Kevin Shanks
Stephen Shaw
Garry Shaw
Carl Shaw
Norman Shepherd
Nick Shield
Barry Siddle
Grant Smith
Harry Stanistreet
Martyn Stanistreet
Brett Stein
Brad Stein
Ian Strickland
Liam Swidenbank
Tony Swidenbank
Graham Teasdale
David Telford
Simon Thornley
Lee Tinney
Craig Turpie
James Turpie
Scott Turpin
Jose Ignacio Urmeneta
Diego Urreta
Jack Varty
Hanna Vesterinen
Yrjo Vesterinen
Darren Walker
Andrew Walters
Colin Ward
Alastair Wardlaw
Christopher Washington
Kim Waters
Mark Watmore
Gary Watson
Will Weatherhead
Boyd Webster
Robbie Weir
Kevin White
Findlay White
Alan Whitton
Stephen Wilde
Roger Williams
Colin Winter
Calum Winter
Alan Winter
David Wood
Janet Wrigley
Chris Wrigley
Buddy Yeardsley
Joe Yeardsley
Brian Young
Gary Younghusband
Alberto Zarate Vergara

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