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The Leven Valley 2 Day Trial 29 - 30 September 2018

A wonderful Weekend
Our inaugural event, The Leven Valley 2 Day Trial, took place over the weekend of 29th and 30th September 2018 and we had a full entry list of 192 riders. With some retiring before the event due to ill health or mechanical issues with their bikes, on the day we had 174 starting riders.

Sammy Miller
All the riders were sent on their way by the wonderful Sammy Miller. It was a huge honour for us to have him with us for the weekend and to present the trophies, and in particular the winners trophy, which he himself very kindly donated, won by John Charlton, the only rider to complete the weekend with all clears! Thanks to Sammy and congratulations to John and to all our riders.

Trials Guru
John Moffat of Trials Guru has written a wonderful report about the weekend which can read here. John has been a staunch supporter and sponsor of the club as well and he kicked off our weekend as Rider 1! It's a great article, and he sums up our 2 Day Trial as being 'Top of the pops'! Thanks John!

Photographs and Video
We are also most grateful to  two excellent photographer for their wonderful photographs from the weekend.

John Hulme of Classic Trial Magazine, one of our fabulous sponsors, has provided us with dozens of fabulous photographs taken out on the course, which you can see below. John has written to tell us that any rider wanting a free issue electronic picture in JPG format for private use only, then these can be provided by e-mailing your riding number to If they have a photo of you they are more than happy to provide this service free of charge. Thanks John - that's very generous. Please note, Classic Trial Magazine is offering this service for private use only and not for commercial use of any kind.

Eric Kitchen, long-time friend of Trials around the country and one of our official photographers at the Trial, has also provided us with dozens of first rate photographs, for which we are most grateful.

In addition to these high-resolution photographs there are literally hundreds of others posted on Facebook - take a look and re-live the day.

A very special thank you to Fin Yeaman for putting together an album of more than 100 photographs, and also a wonderful video of the day, which can be seen below.

All results are on our Results Page, where you can find details of our trophy winners, the winners and runners up in each of the entry classes, and a full list of entrants and their final scores.

We have so many people to thank for making the 2 Day Trial such a great success - thank you everyone!

For more news, reports, comments and photographs be sure to visit our Facebook page.

Next Year
We look forward to seeing you all at the 2019 Leven Valley 2 Day Trial!

Video From the 2018 Trial

Excellent video (1 hour and 20 minutes!) of the weekend. Courtesy of Fin Yeaman

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